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Weather forecast

  • Seymour Narrows Currents (This site corrects for Daylight Savings time. See on-site disclaimer)
  • Campbell River Tides (This site corrects for Daylight Savings time. See on-site disclaimer)
  • Official Tide and current tables (Select either Tide or Current and current year, then the area and finally the station. All values are Standard Time. See on-site disclaimer)
  • Most charting programs come with built in tide and current software. However there are many stand alone applications for phones and computers. One problem with some applications is that they do not always keep up to changes to daylight saving dates (yes I know it has been a number of years, but there is some old code out there, also some older computers may not switch over correctly). Please check your selected software against official tide and current data - like above - for a number of dates, and when the change over occurs between standard and daylight savings time and back.
    • Jtides is free and seems to work well (make sure you test it yourself). It is available for Windows and Linux.
    • The author of Jtides has also done a port to Android, called TidePredictor (version 2.0 as of Feb 2018) also free with no ads.
    • I'm not an Apple person, so am looking for recommendations.

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