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Calendar of Events

Date Activity/Course Location
Oct 18 (course)
Oct 25 (exam)
(both nights start at 1830)
Restricted Operator's Certificate
1800 S Alder St
Nov 18, 2023
1830 doors open
Member's Night
Roger McDonell giving a presentation, likely underwater video around Campbell River.
Admission is free, cash donations to the food bank appreciated.
Rivercity Players
1080 Hemlock St, Campbell River
January 17 2024 Boating 2&3 course (more info here)
Please indicate interest to Training Officer
1800 S Alder St
Whenever enough people indicate interest in the course Restricted Operator's Certificate
We maintain a list of interested people. When we get enough people to cover the rental costs and the like we will hold a course. If you haven't done so, please indicate interest to ROC Instructor
1800 S Alder St